B&B Best Lines, Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Hope and Thomas The Bold and The Beautiful 5/21/19

Hope: It’s almost as if Caroline knew the — the woman she describes.

Thomas: Read it again.

Hope: “But if something happens to me and I can’t be there for Douglas, I have a dream that there’s a woman out there that needs a child, who needs my son as much as he needs her.” I mean, that — that gives me chills. And then there’s this — there’s, um, “a woman who will bring him love, as he will bring her love. That is my hope for my son’s future.” I feel like Caroline wrote this about me. That I’m the woman she had in mind.

Thomas: I can see how you’d read it that way.

Hope: When did she write this?

Thomas: I can’t tell. I mean, based on some of the other things in the box, a couple years after Douglas was born, if you can go by that.

Hope: She wrote this just in case. But then the unthinkable happens. I lose my baby. And then Caroline is taken away from us, leaving Douglas without a mother.  And now you’re both here. It’s like…Caroline knew.

Thomas: She knew?

Hope: All of it. The future.

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